black and white photo of rolling wheat fields with puffy white clouds in the sky above

web content

research + interviews + writing + editing + microsoft word + wordpress

In this project, I worked with a group of classmates to research and propose content for the EWU Prairie Restoration Project webpage. My group researched the historical significance of the land in and around the West Plains region (the area around Cheney and EWU), and we worked well together to deliver high-quality content. View my individual proposed content on the Westernization of the region.

I connected with the EWU Sustainability program staff, members of the Spokane Tribe, and several EWU anthropology and history professors to gather research and insights for this interdisciplinary project. I also extensively researched sources in the EWU Archives and library databases, conducted interviews with a diverse group of regional experts, and explored the land myself.

I consolidated an enormous amount of information into my subpage of content, which focused on the Westernization of the region. I utilized visuals to support the written text in order to tell the more complete story of the land and regularly revised to incorporate feedback from my professors and teammates.

As a result, I delivered a piece titled “The Evolving Identity of Cheney” as a part of my team’s overall proposed content on the historical significance of the land. I edited our four subpages for consistency, and worked with my professor to migrate the content into WordPress to preview it.

My intensive research in the early phases of the project improved my understanding of the history of the land and enabled me to deliver a more compelling and accurate piece of web content.