emily tracy
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I am passionate about improving the way we communicate complex information across platforms and technologies.

It is my goal as a technical writer to make documentation relevant, simple, friendly, and usable. I believe this is possible when we work together, understand our products, focus on our users, and create content that compels action.

I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in Technical Communications at Eastern Washington University, where I explored many facets of communications. I graduated with minors in Communication Studies, Journalism, and Music.

This portfolio is a collection of my best work, which highlights my communications skill set:

  • Writing precise and informative content
  • Focusing on user needs and the greater user experience
  • Editing for textual and visual consistency
  • Incorporating effective visual design principles
  • Collaborating in various team environments

Throughout my experiences, I continue to develop these skills, using my creativity and strong command of language to deliver polished content across all of my projects.

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academic + professional

I use my creativity and attention to detail to craft engaging content that emphasizes user needs and communicates information clearly and concisely.

Throughout my many projects, I have explored and practiced precise technical writing, detailed editing, usable and attractive visual design, XML- and HTML-based coding, accessible information architecture, content management, and many other communications skills.

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technical communication

These projects include examples of my writing for specific users and target audiences. The work highlighted here is representative of the quality and variety of technical writing that I produce.

journalistic + public relations writing

This section includes pieces I wrote for communications internships and courses in public relations and journalism. These genres demand a greater emphasis on research and the overarching narrative, yet still keep the audience at the forefront and present information clearly and concisely.


Usable, engaging design is such an important aspect of communication, products, and interfaces. The projects in this section highlight some of my best design work in web-based as well as graphic design settings. User experiences, usability, and accessibility are important components that I seek to incorporate into my designs.


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My internship experiences enabled me to take my skills and knowledge beyond the classroom while in college.

These professional settings pushed me to grow as a communicator and professional, introduced me to real work in the industry, and helped me expand my network of connections as I transitioned into my post-college career.


emily tracy | writer + editor +  designer

If you are interested in learning more about my work or have questions for me, please reach out! You can find me on LinkedIn, or send me an email—I would love to connect.

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