black and white picture of a notebook with the words 'PR Plan for Chef Mario Valo' and notes written on it

pr plan

public relations writing + crisis communications + social media messaging + microsoft word

I developed a PR plan for a mock scenario in my Advanced PR Theory course. In the scenario, I am Chef Mario Valo’s personal publicist, and I created this plan to guide him in the lead-up to his new restaurant opening. My plan covers ideas for executing a successful opening night event; suggests methods for coping with customer complaints in the restaurant industry; identifies specific publics Mario wants to reach; lists the goals, objectives, strategies, tactics, and tools of the restaurant opening; outlines sample messaging and statements in response to crisis situations; and evaluates the positives and the negatives of the plan after it had been implemented.

At first, I struggled with all the different components and crisis elements of the plan that I needed to include. Whenever I find myself stuck, I create checklists. I listed out everything that I knew and everything that I needed to address in each of the phases of the plan. After doing this, I could confidently check off sections and topics as I completed them, acting as a detailed guide and helping me to stay on track.

In creating this plan, I followed the RPIE process: Research, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation. I researched similar, currently operating restaurants, opening night event ideas, recommendations for handling customer complaints, and other communications tactics for successfully launching a new establishment.

I established the primary goals of the PR campaign and detailed specific plans to carry out each one, drilling down into the objectives, strategies, tactics, and tools. I also identified the publics that my campaign targeted, making sure to keep them and their needs at the forefront in addition to my client’s.

I also drafted copy and outlined ideas for sample messaging on social media, as well as sample statements for the press. I detailed several responses and who to contact in the event of crises scenarios.

To complete the plan, I considered evaluations of what aspects would be successful and what aspects could benefit from improvement.

As a result, I submitted a detailed, thorough, and considerate PR plan for my mock client, Chef Mario Valo, to guide his restaurant opening campaign.