black and white snippet of a flyer showing a photo with a small crowd of people seated in a brick room


graphic design + facebook + instagram + figma

I created several flyers and materials for Get Lit!’s social media platforms after the culmination of the 2021 festival. I used my knowledge of design principles, understanding of Get Lit!’s current brand image, and feedback from the program director, Kate Peterson, to design each of these flyers.

The first was an announcement for the opening of the call for submissions for the 2022 Get Lit! Festival. I chose to use a fun photo from a past festival and incorporate bold, blocky titles juxtaposed by lighter accent text. See the Get Lit! Facebook post featuring my design.

Promotional flyer with black, white, and bright coral color scheme, over a background image of people in a brick building with the word 'submit!' prominently overlaid.

My other designs were a set of flyers for Get Lit!’s Throwback Thursday posts. The goal of this project was to repromote a 2021 festival event every Thursday to get more people interested in the program and create early buzz around the upcoming 2022 festival. For these designs, I wanted to create a retro sort of feel, so I chose an interesting monospace font paired with a lazy cursive. I made my design into a template and just changed the color and content for 11 different events. Check out the first of many Get Lit! Throwback Thursday posts on Facebook.

Seafoam green flyer with black, retro fonts announcing Get Lit!'s 'Throwback Thursday' event and the event speakers.

Additional Throwback Thursday posts: