social media campaign

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As a part of my Get Lit! internship, I executed a social media campaign leading up to the 2022 festival, announcing local partnerships and limited-time specials to the community in support of Get Lit!

The campaign primarily highlighted Get Lit!’s Inspired Partnerships program, where local restaurants partnered with Get Lit! to offer special drinks inspired by festival authors. These specials were only available during the festival itself, and a percentage of the proceeds went to Get Lit!

It was my job to promote these local restaurants and their specials, generating buzz and excitement in the community, encouraging people to come out and support their local restaurants and Get Lit! Programs. In 2022, there were ten participating restaurants, so one of my challenges was balancing the social media posts to include a variety of content, not solely the Inspired Partnerships specials.

I first drafted the copy for the posts, sending it to my supervisor and Get Lit! Director, Kate Peterson, and making requested changes. Then I worked with Kate to develop a general schedule for posting the Inspired Partnerships content and other promotional content for upcoming festival events.

With this schedule to guide me, I created graphics to accompany some of the posts and assembled drink images and author photos. On the pre-determined day and time, I posted the copy, graphics, and images to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I also created Instagram stories for my posts.

Instagram post for Get Lit!'s Inspired Partnerships program, featuring specials from Cease and Desist Book Club restaruant

In the build-up to the festival, I posted 18 unique topics, blending the Inspired Partnerships campaign content with readings, craft classes, and event sponsor information.

This work helped me to understand how to execute a successful social media campaign as an organization, promoting events and causes while creating opportunities for community engagement.